Who IS this

Hi I am Mercedes Benjaminse, besides this tumblr I also own a deviantart account under the name of lacus2887.deviantart.com. I'm hoping to become a professional artist in the future though I still have a long way to go and plenty of contacts to make.

This blog is mostly a combination of my digital and traditional drawings as well as some cosplay costumes I've worked or am working on and my etches. Either can be searched by their tags in the search box at the top right of the page, thanks!

Final project for school. The theme was the 75 years anniversary of the Albert channel here in Belgium. Instead of a traditional comic I went for important time periods for this channel:

The first is the excavation time where they dug straight through hills and split my village in 2. (also on the left we have king Albert 1 and on the right king Leopold 3)
The second period is pretty much right after that. When the channel was finished they partied hard until the second world war began. Ironically enough they blew up their own bridges to make sure the germans wouldn’t be able to use the channel, but the nearest great fortress right next to the channel was taken in in almost 20 minutes

The third period is around now. Great renovation projects are currently happening to make the channel wider, more modern and with more capacity

And the fourth is the future, where pretty much anything can happen so I went with beautiful water bridges and things like that (they have things like this in france already somehow)

(Source: wafflelele)